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Established by musician Mads Emil Nielsen in 2014, arbitrary has published graphic scores (Framework) and visual notations, audio and music on various formats (vinyl, CD) as well as a collection of experimental mixtapes and audio collages (arbitrary assemblage series) with contributions from German, American and Japanese artists.
arbitrary presented its "Live + Listening Room" concert series in Copenhagen, combining live performances with listening sessions. Mainly dedicated to the output of Nielsen’s own work and collaborations, the imprint has released sound pieces & graphic score interpretations as part of the Framework series by various artists including Andrea Neumann, Jan Jelinek and Nicola Ratti, as well as music by Berlin-based projects Denseland and The Pitch.

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Framework 3 / arbitrary11: Reprint, September 2021. Available here ︎︎︎

arbitrary14, 15, 18: available via Forced Exposure (US)

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