Terrain Vague

Mesmer - Terrain Vague

arbitrary presents Terrain Vague – the debut album of Danish group MESMER.

The album is a series of (deconstructed) live-recordings taken from three live concerts. The sounds on this record are taken from two years’ worth of sound research and creative outbursts with inspiration from field trips to the outskirts of Copenhagen. Intrigued by the auditive landscapes of places where nature and culture meet and challenge each other.

Listening to the field-recordings led MESMER to interpret the moods, musical qualities, and inherent energy of the sounds from these areas. Thus, creating melodies, harmonies and rhythmical structures that, together with the field recordings, paved the way for this album.

arbitrary19, November 2023
CD + DL | Edition of 300
Digipak - Pantone / metallic, 4c print
incl. fold-out insert (text, maps - riso print)

Distributed by Morr Music Distribution - info ︎︎︎

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Available via:
Norman Records, BoomkatJuno (UK)
Forced Exposure (US)
Soundohm (IT)
Tobira Records (JP)
Les presses du réel

arbitrary (Shop) / DK:

MESMER consists of the three musicians & composers Emil Jensen, Victor Dybbroe and Anders Filipsen, who have been creating music together over the last 15 years in various groups. MESMER is fascinated by how sound (and its absence) influences us as people and how the different natural and cultural environments create different musical scenarios.

Recorded and produced by Mesmer at : Xenon _ Huset i Magstræde, Kirkeskibet _ SV Festival, Oremandsgaard _ Præstø and Taverna Centrale, 2021 and 2022

Mix: Mads Emil Nielsen

Master: Kassian Troyer

Cover art, graphic design: Mesmer / Mads Emil Nielsen

fold-out insert: 
Maps: © Geodatastyrelsen, edit: Emil Jensen 
Graphic design: Mads Emil Nielsen

1: Intro
2: - - - - - - -
3: 55°39'09.8"N 12°33'22.4"E
4: Cumulus
5: Slusen
6: <(0)>
7: Oremandsgaard
8: Ode to the Lost Symphony
9: Vindharpe
10: Refshaleøen
11: Teglholmen

- - - 

Photo: Ditte Bolt

Thank you to Jakob Steen for playing on Intro, Cumulus, OremandsgaardSlusen

October 2023