Delirious Cartographies

Richard Scott: Delirious Cartographies

arbitrary presents Delirious Cartographies (arbitrary13) by composer, improviser and synthesist Richard Scott. Part of the Danish imprint’s Framework editions, this release includes three pieces on 12” vinyl and 6 printed drawings – as well as a text by Scott – published as a limited edition portfolio folder.

“These compositions capture aspects of my personal sonic experience of specific times and places. Extending beyond my usual work with analogue synthesizer, these pieces open the doors and windows to the outside world, incorporating field and live recordings made in various locations and situations.”

arbitrary13 | 02 September 2022
12” vinyl (white, 45 rpm) / CD + DL
LP: Limited to 300 copies, prints on 275g Gmund paper, text (riso print), red cardboard folder, foil embossed cover
CD version: Digipak incl. 6 prints, 300g paper, text (fold-out, riso)

Written & produced by Richard Scott, Drawings by Richard Scott

Graphic design by Mads Emil Nielsen

Mastered & cut by Kassian Troyer at D&M, Berlin

1. Fragments of an everyday cosmos
2. Grace and delirium in Boliqueime
3. Thunder, actually bicycles...
4. Further fragments of an everyday cosmos (CD / DL)
5. 6 Graphic Interludes

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LP: arbitrary13V
CD: arbitrary13CD, Digipak incl. prints

Distributed by Morr Music Distribution - info

US: Forced Exposure
FR / Bookstores: Les presses du réel

Available via:
Motto Berlin, HHV, MZIN (NEW) - mdbk, Leipzig (DE)
Salon für Kunstbuch, Vienna (NEW)
Soundohm (IT)
Forced Exposure (US), Printed Matter, New York
Art Into Life (JP)
Norman Records, Juno (UK)
Sound Station, Proton Records (DK)
Les presses du réel (FR)

arbitrary (Shop) / DK:

info [a] arbitraryproject . com

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Further fragments of an everyday cosmos - video

field notes (Berlin) - Releases of the Month September, 2022

The final piece “6 Graphic Etudes” (included as digital prints) is intended as a set of visual / sonic sketches, each of which describes a discrete kind of movement or texture. These may have a variety of uses; as musical exercises, as scores, combined as parts of scores, or simply as stand-alone visual propositions / artworks.

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