Dissolvè / Scillions

Antoine Hubineau: Dissolvè / Scillions

Derived from the same series of compositions, Dissolvè and Scillions are drawn from modular synthesizer recordings which have been reworked, treated and composed in the computer. »Dissolvè« is a mosaic which is in constant motion. The inner details are guided by an outer structure which act as a kind of rhythmic subtraction. »Scillions« breaks an initial path into several directions which create new paths.

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Released 21 April 2023

arbitrary15 | 2023
7" vinyl (45 rpm, white) / DL
Edition of 300, inside-out sleeve, incl. download code

Written & produced by Antoine Hubineau, Saint-Etienne (France), 2020

Mastered and cut by Kassian Troyer at D&M, Berlin

Cover artwork by Morgan Cuinet

Layout by Mads Emil Nielsen

Distributed by Morr Music Distribution - info ︎︎︎

US: Forced Exposure (05 May 2023)

FR / Bookstores: Les presses du réel

A: Dissolvè
B: Scillions

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Available via:
Norman Records (UK)
Les presses du réel, Souffle Continu, Bohème Records (FR)
HHV, Motto Berlin (DE)
Forced Exposure mailorder (US)

arbitrary (Shop) / DK:

info [a] arbitraryproject . com


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Tombak recordings: thanks to Cinna Peyghamy

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