Mads Emil Nielsen + Chromacolor: Constellation

arbitrary presents the first in a series of remix collaborations and releases by Mads Emil Nielsen and Chromacolor, a project from the German sound artist and producer Hanno Leichtmann.

Mads Emil Nielsen’s Constellation (side A) was created by combining several granulations and textures based on a single short recording, extracted from improvisations made with the Buchla synthesizer at EMS, Stockholm – combined with randomly looping orchestral samples, edited and produced in his studio in Copenhagen. After having heard Nielsen’s live performance in Berlin in 2017, Hanno Leichtmann suggested remixing various of his tracks including Constellation (Remix – side B).

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arbitrary12 | 29 April 2022
10” vinyl (transparent, 45 rpm) + DL
Edition of 500, CYK + Pantone print, inside-out sleeve, incl. download code

Artwork by Karel Martens

Mastered and cut by Kassian Troyer at D&M, Berlin

A: Constellation
B: Constellation Chromacolor Remix

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Distributed by Morr Music Distribution - info

US: Forced Exposure
FR / Bookstores: Les presses du réel

Available via:
Les presses du réel (FR)
MZIN, Museum der Bildenden Künste, Leipzig (NEW)
Norman Records, Juno (UK)
Forced Exposure mailorder, Printed Matter, New York (US)

North East (NEW), Art into Life, OMEGA POINT, Newtone RecordsTobira (JP)


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