arbitrary12, April 2022
Mads Emil Nielsen + Chromacolor: Constellation

The first in a series of remix collaborations and releases by Mads Emil Nielsen and Chromacolor, a project from the German sound artist and producer Hanno Leichtmann.

Available via Morr Music Distribution / ANOST
Les presses du réel (FR)
Norman Records, Juno (UK)
Forced Exposure mailorder, Printed Matter, New York (US)

Artwork by Karel Martens

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May 2022

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Update / 20% off releases from the archive via the mailorder / Shop page (April 2022)
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Newsletter: April 2022 ︎︎︎


Framework (1) included in the “Architectures of Language & Sound” table by Printed Matter.

arbitrary01  Book + CD ︎︎︎

Reprint / 3rd edition, 2021

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New: archive / Mailorder

Various releases and items from the archive / catalog will become available via this website.

20% off all items in December.

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