assemblage 05

1. Concerning The 1739 Libretto of "Israel In Egypt" (Israel in Egypt by G.F. Händel 1739-2008, Economic Thought, 2008) by HENNING LUNDQVIST

2. Tuesday's Offering (Familiar Shapes and Noises, Ghost Box, 2010) by BROADCAST AND THE FOCUS GROUP

3. My Seven Deadly Sins (Bigmag. III POLYTOPIA - For The Quasi Crystals, Drop Of Blood Records, 2008) by COOLHAVEN

4. Nachts In Berlin (Antworten, Bureau B, 2012) by QLUSTER

5. Recording from 1860 (Youtube)

6. Les Statues Meurent Aussi (Les Statues Meurent Aussi, Doxy, 2016) by GUY BERNARD

7. To Believe (Soundcloud, 2014) by RIVIERA TAPE STASH

8. Automatic Writing (Automatic Writing, Lovely Music, 1979) by ROBERT ASHLEY

9. Ein Feuer Aus Licht Und Liebe (Remixen Die Welttraumforscher, Gagarin, 1999) Remix by KLANGWART

10. Sonetto CXLIV Da The Dark Lady Di Shakespeare Per Voce E Synthi A (Riverberazioni Sonore, Rossbin, 2005) by ENORE ZAFFIRI

11. Wasser (Monotonprodukt 07, Oral/ Desire, 2012) by MONOTON

12. Bocio (Unreleased, Not on label, 2004) by NIEVE FUGA

13. Untitled (Burning The Watching Bride, Disaster Area, 1998) by ASMUS TIETCHENS and TERRY BURROWS

14. Drumu-i Lung, Pe El Mă Duc (Cîntece Populare Și De Voie Bună, Electrecord, 1981) by BENONE SINULESCU

- - -

NIEVE FUGA is based in Barcelona, Spain and is known from the project EQUIPO HUMANO UNO. Since 2016 he has been active with various solo projects and collaborations - including the Suicidio release on San José Tapes (2017), a live performance at MACBA and most recently: an audio collage as part of the audiovisual dance performance "Yo me bailo” by Laura de Diaz.


April 2017