Framework 2

Mads Emil Nielsen + Various Artists: Framework 2
with Andrea Neumann, Jan Jelinek and Hideki Umezawa

Mads Emil Nielsen continues his Framework series; a collection of open, hand-drawn graphic scores and recordings. The series includes Nielsen’s own subjective translations of the visual material and sound pieces accompanied by visual notations, and collaborations – in this case with Andrea Neumann, Jan Jelinek and Hideki Umezawa.

Framework 2 consists of printed scores and recordings, released on 2 x 10” vinyl + DL.

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Available in the US  ︎︎︎ Forced Exposure

arbitrary10 | February 2020
2 x 10” vinyl, white + transparent, 45 rpm + DL
Scores: 300g (fold-out insert), black inside-out sleeve

Scores and artwork by Mads Emil Nielsen

Mastered and cut by Kassian Troyer

Disc1 side A: Mads Emil Nielsen: Circles
Disc1 side B: Mads Emil Nielsen + Andrea Neumann: Framework Fragments
Disc2 side A: Jan Jelinek: Circles - 2
Disc2 side B: Hideki Umezawa: Framework Fragments - 2

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Distributor: Morr Music Distribution - info

US: Forced Exposure

Available via:

Printed Matter (US)
Art into Life (JP)
Motto Berlin, Staalplaat (DE)
El Muelle 1931 Shop (ES) - NEW
Boomkat, Norman Records (UK)

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faitiche - Framework 2

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